About us

About us

Our Objectives

Safe food, consumer’s health, product quality and caring for the customer’s opinion seeking to keep up with developments while looking at the future with what serves the market.

Our products

Water – juice – chips – other food products. We are always looking for new products that suit the market’s need.

Supporting local production
Creating juice production line for a new brand (YOMME) which gives a great sense for the flavor.
Long Experience
Over more than 15 years of work experience managed from regional offices.
Product quality
It is one of the most important criteria our group was founded on, with permanent compliance.

Our history

The group started more than 15 years ago with work managed from regional offices and also by offices and warehouses to have all the privileges and agencies for international brands and to create factories specialized with food industry to produce various products in line with the market’s requirements satisfying the consumer. The first product in the market for the group was of great importance and so we created the factory of pure water brand (Royal) with international specification and high standards with different sized bottles. That step showed the serious and interest of zaki group and what will it offer in the future having the consumer’s satisfaction and the prosperity of the society as a first priority. The group continued it is journey towards food like chips and snacks as various brands agency contracts were signed. Zaki group made sure to support the local production to keep up and provide the best. Supporting that vision zaki group has created the juice production line brand (Yomme) which gives a great sense for the flavor and started producing 8 different flavors that give you the actual taste of refreshing fruit bottled in 250ml bottles. The product was developed to provide various sizes to satisfy customer’s requirements and tastes. What the group has provided and look to provide in the future made it an important part in the market. And so it has an effective role in building the society.

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